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Pomelaj, the Rural Development Cooperative

Partner 7: Pomelaj, the Rural Development Cooperative

Pomelaj, z.o.o.
Mala Polana 103
SI - 9225 Velika Polana

Person in charge and contact person:
Dragica Horvat, director
+386 2 573 70 36

Presentation of the partner:
The Rural Development Cooperative was founded in 2003 with a view to identifying and developing business opportunities in rural areas. Moreover, it wants to establish a quality educational system for training rural people and performing various activities in rural areas, such as assisting the rural population in securing financial resources and registration of the activities. Plus, it aims to provide aid in the marketing of products and products of the rural area. The function of the Development Cooperative is to target disadvantaged groups in rural areas; unemployed, underemployed, and already registered subcontractors. The scope of the Development Cooperative is: research and analysis of opportunities in the environment, development and introduction of new programs, developing new products and the products of rural areas, motivational information activities, training of the unemployed and underemployed in order to perform various activities in rural areas (handicrafts, gastronomy/cookery), counselling and assistance in registration of the activities, marketing support (buying, the completion and distribution of products), co-operative network, promotional activities.

Project role of the partner:
Pomelaj will contribute to the project with its experience of working with vulnerable groups, developing a supportive environment, new products and educational programs and introducing new contents in the field of handicraft both on a local and international level. Pomelaj will be the main coordinator of interdisciplinary international workshop handicraft design for the development of new useful products and packaging, and the international tender for the manufacturing of jewellery and fashion accessories made from natural materials. These activities will significantly contribute not only to preservation but also to the development and establishment of handicrafts.