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Institution of Marianum Veržej - The DUO Centre

Partner 11: Institution of Marianum Veržej - DUO Centre

Zavod Marianum Veržej - Center DUO
Puščenjakova ulica 1
SI - 9241 Veržej

Person in charge:
Jožef Krnc, direktor

+386 31 319 242

Contact persons:
Janez Krnc, head of DUO Centre

+386 41 357 640

Ivan Kuhar, programme leader

+386 51 654 778

Presentation of the partner:
Since 2006, the organizational unit of the DUO Centre - the centre of domestic and arts crafts - has been operating within the Institution of Marianum Veržej. It is an educational centre for the handicraft heritage of Eastern Slovenia. Thus, this type of knowledge is passed on to the younger generations (through workshops and research camps). Among its main activities are: the preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage, promotion and development of DUO, professional development of new forms of education for the professions of DUO. It is the first centre of its kind in Slovenia which has, from its start, been supported by the profession, local communities and other active participants of regional development in Eastern Slovenia. DUO Centre is the initiator and founder of the Association of handicraftsmen in Northeastern Slovenia and the Regional jury commission board for the DUO products. Within the partnership between the municipality of Veržej and the Institution of Marianum Veržej, since March 2008, DUO Centre has also been working on the tourist information part (the development of cultural tourism, shaping of tourist attractions, organizing public events and promotion).

Project role of the partner:
The organizational unit of the Marianum Veržej Institution - DUO Center has been already consolidated and has had extensive cooperation with professional and educational institutions. Its tourist information part will be particularly important in promoting the project and the animation of the target groups. The main activities to be carried out through the Center DUO employment programme leader are: preparation and implementation of public tenders, retaining investment to establish infrastructure of the Academy of Crafts in DUO Centre, establishment and coordination of the handicrafts network, and the implementation of educational programmes and promotional activities. It will also actively cooperate with all the project partners’ remaining activities.