Rokodelska akademija

Municipality of Veržej

Lead partner: Municipality of Veržej

Občina Veržej
Ulica bratstva in enotnosti 8
SI - 9241 Veržej

Person in charge:
Slavko Petovar, mayor

+386 2 584 44 80

Contact person:
Tatjana Vokić Vojkovič, project manager

+386 51 654 778

Presentation of the partner:
The Municipality of Veržej was founded in 1999. It independently carries out local affairs of public interest, which are determined by the statutes and laws. Furthermore, it manages municipal property, paving the way for economic development of the municipality. It is responsible for local public jobs, moreover it ensures and encourages educational-custodial, pedagogical-educational and health services. It also promotes research, cultural and society activities. Development of sport, recreation and environmental care are on the top of the agenda too. Veržej supports the efforts of the local decision makers in the field of tourism development and conservation of the cultural heritage. The experience of the municipality with similar projects are: Promotion and marketing of thematic walking paths in the region of Prlekija, the completion of the Veržej Cultural Centre, the Millers Way – a project documentation for the regulation of the tourist infrastructure in the vicinity of Babičev mill; the reconstruction of the linking roads, connecting Veržej - Banovci and the construction of a walking/cycling path Banovci - Veržej.

Project role of the partner:
As a leading partner the Municipality of Veržej, with help from the new staff (project manager and financier) will be responsible for: integration of partners, forming and management of the project team, project management, design and management of the Slovenian regional project group, coordination and supervising implementation of activities, financial management and control and reporting. The municipality of Veržej will, with the help of other partners and external colleagues, organize and coordinate the introductory international conference where the basic foundations will be laid for the Handicraft Academy. Furthermore, for the purpose of academy development, the annual professional meetings will take care of the active involvement of the handicraftsmen of the cross-border region into the academy and also lead the promotional activities.