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The public institution of the Goričko Nature Park

Partner 4: The public institution of the Goričko Nature Park

JZ KP Goričko
Grad 191
SI - 9264 Grad

Person in charge:
dr. Bernard Goršak, director

+386 2 551 88 60

Contact person:
Stanka Dešnik, higher councillor for nature conservation

+386 31 354 149

Presentation of the partner:
The public institution of the Goričko Nature Park manages a protected area of nature in a region as big as 462 km2 and 96% of the park is also part of the Natura 2000 area. The tasks of the institution are: conservation of biodiversity and landscape/nature diversity, promotion of sustainable development, maintenance of natural values and, furthermore, education of the residents and visitors of the park through adventure guidance. They have experience with similar contents in many international projects, among which has enabled the creation of KP Goričko in 2003 (Joint Nature Park Development), and where they have carried out the first tender/call for handicrafts. They have bought 6 handicraft workshops, which are located in the ground floor of the castle in order to preserve domestic craft and to encourage young people to imitate the techniques of our ancestors. The project of Goričko Living with Nature (Phare SLO-AT) has launched the handicraft products from nature for nature.

Project role of the partner:
In terms of the project, KP Goričko will aim to encourage handicraft in the nature park area, and activate existing workshops in the Grad castle with touring handicraftsmen. They will carry out learning courses for adults and workshops for children. KP Goričko will work with all partners in the project in the inventory and application of findings from field studies, and to prepare training programs. In the course of their daily activities a joint project website and GIS database will be developed, along with an already completed inventory of handicrafts and activities as the basis for an interactive map. KP Goričko will participate in developing the criteria for quality products, promotional flyers for the handicraftsmen, and an animated mobile exhibition for young people when deciding to take up handicraft professions and domestic activities. It will be actively cooperating in the design of the Handicraft Academy and will ensure its sustainable operation even after the project is completed.