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Martineum Roman Catholic Foundation

Partner 5: Martineum Roman Catholic Foundation

Martineum Római Katolikus Alapítvány
Karmelita u.1.
HU - 9700 Szombathely

Person in charge:
Horváth József, president

+36 94 514 340

Contact person:
Kukor Eszter, expert consultant

+36 94 514 350

Presentation of the partner:
The Martineum Roman Catholic Foundation was established in 1990. It works in the field of education (adult), development of skills and knowledge, and cultural activities. Its most important social aspect is the support, establishment and operation of the association of organizations, and keeping a dialogue among social groups with different religious, cultural and ideological backgrounds. In recent years, the Martineum Roman Catholic Foundation made contacts with more than 700 NGOs in the Parish of Vas. Also, it has significant experiences in NGO sector development issues. Between 1999 and 2003 it managed the Centre for Non-profit services in the Parish of Vas and the civil house in the Parish of Zala between 2002 and 2003. Both organizations were established to aid non-governmental organizations.

Project role of the partner:
The Martineum Roman Catholic Foundation will organize professional meetings for the preparation of educational programs. It will develop and implement educational and training programs and organize the final international conference.